Just a little more info..

Hey everyone! We are in full travel/trial mode in the Richter house. Nerves are a bit frantic on occasion, but overall we are all pretty even keel. However, that may change many times over the next couple of weeks.

I loaded up on some cleanser and creams that a fellow cancer patient used who had the horribly red, itchy, painful facial rash. Hers never got that bad and her doctor was always amazed.  James will have antibiotics and prescription topical cream in hand prior to his first infusion, but I figured a little facial cleanser, scalp wash and lotion couldn’t hurt.  (Stay tuned on whether my intuition is right on)

So, this is what I purchased – Ceravue Hydrating Cleanser, Florasone Cream and Home Health Psoriasis Medicated Scalp and Body Wash. If you have had similar side effects and have any recommendations, send them my way.  I think the side effects are the scariest aspect of this, next to the financial/travel.

Also, you may notice a few changes to the home page.  I added an Appendix Cancer Info tab at the top of the blog.  This is just a layman explanation of Appendix Cancer/PMP because the numero uno question I am asked is “Why can’t they just remove the appendix?” Easy answer, the mucin tumor usually explodes and spreads (for years) before the stupid useless appendix gives you any indication that something is wrong.

I welcome questions, suggestions, advice.  This has been our journey for nearly 7 years, so I have a lot of information to share but also each PMP patient is different in their journey, so advice and suggestions are a plus and definitely appreciated.

One last thing, I added an Upcoming Appointments/Prayer Opportunity section to the right sidebar —>. It will show his appointments and special dates, so your prayers for travel, physician wisdom, and treatment success is so appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Just a little more info..

  1. Also a very good idea to have thick lotions available for hands and feet. Avoid any product that is going to dry the skin out. These drugs can cause nail separation and fissures in the hands and feet. We used aquaphor and immediately put socks on. It’s thick like vaseline. For finger fissures I would put bandaids on him. For hand peeling, he would sit with hands wrapped in socks for about an hour.

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    • Oh yeah, I did buy some New Skin lotion, which is like glue, in case that happens and I have Aquaphor. We use that on the kids! Thank you!! Hugs to you and Happy Heavenly Birthday to Keith!


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