Welcome to my new blog! Old stuff can still be found here, but all things Richter will now be found here. Feel free to go to the sidebar —> and sign up to follow our journey as James begins his Clinical Trial. I will also throw some other Richter daily musings in, just for fun.

For those of you that are new to our story, my handsome hubby was diagnosed with Appendix Cancer with Psuedomyxoma Peritonei (PMP) in December of 2010. This is a slow growing tumor that spreads a mucin like substance throughout the abdomen. Since then, he has undergone 3 surgeries, two that included intraperitoneal chemotherapy heated to 107 degrees. Unfortunately, he has had yet another recurrence and surgical intervention is not an option at this time.

Because of the slow growing tumors, the disease does not respond to traditional chemo, so he has not had any systemic chemo during his 6.5 year journey.

Because there are no current treatment options, he will begin a clinical trial at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas on 9/12/2017. This first appointment will consist of a biopsy, labs, ophthalmology appointment, echocardiogram and finally the immunotherapy infusion, if all tests are within normal limits. He will then have to travel to Houston every 14 days for an infusion.  Along with the immunotherapy infusion, he will also be taking a chemo pill daily, which does produce some side effects (something he nor our children have had to experience)

While it is an exciting time for us and the research of Appendix Cancer, it is a scary time too. Your continued support and prayers is greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in the trial, visit here

If you are interested in The Appendix Cancer PMP Foundation that provides yearly grants for ACPMP research only, visit here

If you are interested in the research that previous Team James fundraising helped, visit here

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