This weekend, James, the kids and I were blessed beyond measure, thanks to my cousin Sean and his business partner/extended family member, Bryan. One night at dinner, they heard about James and his acceptance into a clinical trial and came up with the idea of having a benefit for him. Then with the help from several others, they managed to put together a fabulous afternoon and as a result, some of the burden will be lifted from us (especially James) during the months to come. 

I don’t know how many people were there but we were surrounded by friends (some we haven’t seen in 20+ years), family, extended family, and people we had never met. If I had to guess, I would say at least 250 and one of them made the trek all the way from MN, which was pretty amazing! 

This was the 3rd fundraiser we have had and each year it has raised awareness to Appendix Cancer, which really is the most important, and also for the Appendix Cancer Research Foundation. This year brought us two more families afflicted with this crazy disease – all living within minutes of our old home in Illinois. 

As we always say, awareness is our top priority, research and helping that research are next in line. 

We are eternally grateful to all of you and love you all! Most importantly your prayers and good thoughts are appreciated. Without them, James’ past 6.5 years would likely have been very different. 

Please pray for Houston and all of those displaced. MDAnderson is currently closed through at least tomorrow for all outpatient services. As a result thousand are having their treatment postponed. James beginning his trial next week is questionable, which means he will need another scan (as he will fall outside the 28 day window). We are not thrilled about another barium filled scan so close the last one. But our only option would be that or wait 4 months to his normal scan and begin the trial then. So we are praying we are able to keep his currently scheduled appointments. 

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