Forward March 

We received word today that we have not been cancelled from our flight, our hotel was upgraded to a suite and our appointments are still scheduled barring any further issues with Mother Nature. I do hear Irma is on her way to the gulf, so I hope she loses strength and dissipates before she reaches any land. 

So, James’ appointments are still scheduled for next Friday, Monday and Tuesday with our travel dates on the 7th and 13th. 

Given this, we have a full weekend planned with the kids as we are not sure what the medication will bring (as far as side effects). Our plans are the MN State Fair with one of our favorite families, church, a cook out and maybe some fishing ( 🎣 which is really all James is interested in) and then my momma coming in on Wednesday. 

Tuesday is also a big day as the kids start school. Carlie a Freshman 😩 and Luke is the king of the school as a 5th grader. 

So please pray for James and our travel and most importantly his treatment and tests. I pray he passes with flying colors with little to no side effects. And for the minions as they start, what we hope, is an exciting, fun and successful school year. 

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