Friends in Low Places

I saw a very excited husband tonight when he received his confirmation voice mail for his upcoming appointments. Some of our PMP friends have not been so lucky and have had their appointments cancelled and rescheduled as a result of Harvey and were scheduled the day before us. Even though I received the go ahead on Friday and an email yesterday, he was still excited.

Anyway, this is a thankful post. James and I have had many people come and go into our lives as we have ventured on this journey. It has not always been easy to like us. We have had ups and downs throughout this nearly 7 year walk of uncertainty. Emotions have been unpredictable, sometimes good but mostly not so much.

But this group, right here (below) have been with us every step of the way. It always seems before any big medical event, we spend an evening with them and just have fun, laugh and some of us drink (while James acts as our sober cab). This upcoming trip to Houston is no different! We spent Friday night with them in doing our traditional Nordeast tour.

While we see them throughout the year, they always seem to be the ones that send us off to the unknown (and probably don’t even realize it), feeling a bit more loved. We are eternally grateful to this group of friends. (These pictures represent three separate outings over the past 2 years, before a trip to Houston)

In addition, to Jeff, Tracey, Mary and Dain – we have been blessed to have Mark, Melissa & Mike, Michael & Julie and Karen (I couldn’t find any pictures to post of them) weather the storm with us, since the beginning.  They are what we call our “MN family”. They have been here in our lowest moments and for that we are eternally grateful! 

We are also very thankful to those who have joined the ride and continue to ride it with us!

James and I have always said we are stronger together but this group definitely contribute to our strength and bring us a whole lot of joy.

One thought on “Friends in Low Places

  1. I am so glad you have people that have remained by your sides. That is friendship; that is love. I agree, lots of people leave over time and it’s tough. Life threatening illness brings out the best and worst in people and all you want to do is concentrate of keeping the love of your life alive. You go James. You keep fighting the beast and I’ll be over here praying.

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