Hurry…. and wait!

We have learned after 2.5 years at MDA, things don’t typically move quickly, but on a day in which you haven’t eaten in nearly 17 hours and are anxious about the upcoming test for which you are fasting plus the reality that the unknown really begins tomorrow, sitting and waiting 2 hours after your scheduled appointment can have its toll on your already fragile state of mind.

I can complain (a little) as I have also not eaten or had anything to drink since 11pm last night because I didn’t have the heart to do either in front of James or even have the heart to sneak out of the room to grab something. Some people might be surprised by my surprise fasting, who knew I had such a compassionate side. Certainly not me!

This has been a good week but a long week. James’ tests all went as planned last week. His eye exam was perfect and his labs and echocardiogram were good too. Shoot! Today his blood pressure was so dang normal I almost had the nurse take it twice.  When I say normal, I mean like really normal, like it has never been this normal before.

Today is biopsy day. James was anxious about it as he is not a fan of needles and the thought of it was making him a bit antsy. When the nurse verified his information, he asked James, “can you please confirm the procedure today?” James’ response was – “You are going to core me like a tuna”. It was a light hearted moment in an otherwise stressful day. After that, they wheeled him a way into never never land in hopes of finding a cluster of cancer cells to collect for research.

Some of the anticipation is tomorrow too – Infusion Day. Honestly, we don’t have a clue what to expect. There are people on this trial and I have tried to find them and no one is responding. It would be HUGE if we could find a group that was going through the same crap, oh I mean treatment, as us. What kind of side effects, what kind of results, what are you doing to help side effects or prevent them!

So pray for James as we enter never never land again tomorrow and he begins his infusion of immunotherapy and a dang chemo pill (My hubby has never been on traditional chemo!)

Pray his side effects are minimal and controllable. Pray things just don’t change too much, except for this stupid PMP to be gone!

3 thoughts on “Hurry…. and wait!

  1. My prayers for James have never changed- in fact I can visualize the Lords Hand on his abdomen and protecting him so! I believe my prayers have been answered everyday. I’ll continue to pray for him- he’s already touched so many lives and there is a plan!!!! I love you both.


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