Prayers please… we have two friends who are in similar situations as James. One has a recurrence after a 12/2016 surgery and is a mom of adult children and a grandma and the other is a dad of two teenage girls and has residual tumors in similar places as James. Surgery isn’t an option for either at the moment. Both are at MDA over the next 4 days to discuss treatment and clinical trials! 

When in this stage of cancer, you want easy answers and treatment options. Answers are not easy to come by with Appendix Cancer and the mucinous goo it leaves behind. Treatment options are sometimes even harder.

The only known effective treatment is surgery with HIPEC. So when that is not option, you keep looking. 

At this time, trials seem to be the best option. The scariest option as it costs a small fortune, uproots you from your life and may or may not work. However, the “what if’s” would be worse to live with. Who knows if the trial will work or if the other trial would have been better? It’s a crap shoot and honestly, I’ve never been a great gambler. 

So pray for these two families. Pray for wisdom in their decision making and that they receive just a small glimpse of hope and are offered a trial. 

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