Day 15

Here we are, Day 15, and Superman, well mine anyway, is at it again. Today has been a full day of lab work, doctors appointments and now the lovely “immune booster” infusion! In between, we were able to meet the lovely Neva (also an Appendix Cancer survivor) and Lyman Bone and Peter (who is a Stage 4 Colon Cancer survivor) and Lisa Sharbo, who just happen to reside in the frozen tundra with us. They both are true inspirations and represent that MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! 

Lab work was good. Specifically, while on this trial, they are watching his CK, kidney and liver levels. This drug is known, in about 5% of patients to attack healthy muscle and organs. James’ liver enzymes were up 3 points, which is no big deal and his CK levels increased, about double, but within the limits that are acceptable. As a result, he was ok’d for the infusion cocktail.

We did find out today that all 20 Appendix Cancer spots, in this trial, have been filled. The doctor told us it was closed and it took 4 months to fill. Hopefully between the 20 of these warriors, a treatment for all patients can be found! Wouldn’t that be AMAZING?

Here we sit and James is, again, tolerating it well.

What’s next… you ask? That’s a mighty fine question.

He has one more week of chemo pills before the standard one week off.  Then on October 9th, we are back down here to celebrate the completion of the 2nd cycle with another biopsy, echocardiogram, ophthalmology, lab work and infusion 3.

He will then be done with biopsies until he is done with the trial and echocardiograms and ophthalmology will move to the end of every third cycle and scans after every 4th cycle. Each cycle is 2 weeks. Confused? Yeah, us too! 😉

This is slightly different to what we thought but  as James always says, we will “adapt and overcome”!

As I write this, he has just finished up. Apparently, they speed up the infusion after the first one to 30 minutes instead of an hour.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support! We need it and appreciate it! 🎗

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