Day 22

I need to think of new titles, the counting of days is beginning to feel kinda odd, like a thriller movie or something. 

Day 22 is a good day. It’s James’ first full day without a chemo pill! Woohoo 🙌🏻! He is officially on his 7 days of (chemo) rest! It will be interesting to see if his energy level boosts up to normal this week. He has been immensely blessed with no painful facial rash, but did notice a sign of something on his foot. Not sure what it is but I am treating it as a side effect and making sure he uses his medication cream. We’ll see if it progresses into something bigger. 

This has been a good week, so far! I absolutely love these “off” weeks where we are home together, sticking to our sense of normal. I am sure I used to take these for granted but now I treasure every day we are here and not in Houston. 

Some good news, we have James’ schedule through the end of the year. That will make travel a bit less stressful and a heck of a lot cheaper. 

As we head into his week 4, please pray for our safe travels on Saturday through Tuesday night. Also, James is having a biopsy again on Monday, so pray for that to be uneventful. He had some minor issues last time so it would be nice to avoid them altogether. Also, that his labs are within normal limits so he can get his third infusion. 

Thank you for your prayers and continued support! It’s nice to know we are not alone. 

2 thoughts on “Day 22

  1. Dear Tara and James,
    It’s so nice to hear all about your blessings! Enjoy your normalcy and always know that even your darkest moments, someone somewhere is lifting you up.
    Love – Barb


  2. So glad you, James and the kids are having a ” normal” week! That is a blessing for you all. Will be praying for continued safety and good reports and outcomes. I love you all!❤️❤️


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