No ordinary man – Day 42

Day 42 has not gone as smoothly as we would have liked. But you gotta take the good with the not ideal, I suppose. 

James traveled to Houston alone this time, so the kids could have some normalcy. It’s good for the kids, likely good for James and kind of heart wrenching for me, as I haven’t missed appointment with him, in nearly 7 years. 

To top it off, his CPK levels were super duper high today. For the past month they have been 470ish (130’s is normal). But my husband is far from normal or ordinary and today those numbers jumped to around 1000. I don’t have an exact number because I am getting my information second hand. 

Just a little side note – High CPK levels in the blood mean there is likely some muscle damage, which is releasing creatine into the blood stream. This isn’t a good thing. James hasn’t done any strenuous exercising, had a heart attack or suffered an injury that would cause these numbers to increase; therefore, the chemo (Cobimetinib) is likely the culprit.  

As a result of the high CPK level he was not immediately cleared for his infusion until a urinalysis was completed. 

The good news with this “bad” (not ideal) development is that James feels good. His blood pressure is good, he isn’t having any pain or weakness. 

The Urinalysis has been returned and his protein levels were a bit elevated and James understood that he was not having treatment today so he headed to Kenny and Ziggy’s for lunch. 18 minutes into his 22 minute drive, the clinic called him to see where he was. After clarifying with Dr. R, James is to have his infusion today and continue the cobimetinib. 

So, “now what” you ask? 

1) He is suppose to continue the Cobimetinib and have blood work, in MN, next week to check his levels and we will go from there. It appears the plan is to continue as is because he does not have any significant daily symptoms of pain or weakness nor is he having any heart issues. 

3) If he has any muscular pain, he is suppose to call Dr. Raghav and discontinue his cobimetinib immediately. 

So prayer request (because I always have them) – please pray for his numbers to go down, substantially! Also, that he continues to be symptom free, in regard to muscle pain, weakness, blood pressure. 

4) I will add his day 42 picture as soon as he sends me a selfie!! 😊

Thank you for your prayers and support! 💛

One thought on “No ordinary man – Day 42

  1. Will definitely keep him surrounded with prayers. I’m so impressed with the doctors and their watchful eyes. Take care Richter family!!!


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