Happy Birthday, Luke! 

Happy 11th Birthday to our sweet boy! Hard to believe that he is 11 today! Time has just gone so fast. 

At 11, Luke still has an unbelievable imagination, still loves to play outside with his friends, he is a technology junkie (which we have put a hold on), he is growing out of his dairy allergy and still has a tree nut, peanut and egg allergy. His favorite book series is Diary of a Wimpy Kid and he loves all things Country music! He won’t go to sleep at night without saying good night to his sister and is just now starting to understand what is going on with his dad. 

Sometimes I am sad that the majority of his and Carlie’s life has been living with a dad with cancer. I don’t think Luke understood or paid much attention to it until this year. I think now he knows and understands that this disease could take his dad away from us. 

However, both kids have taken this journey in stride. They have faith that their dad will be ok and have embraced the changes that have been forced to happen as a result of James’ travel every other week. I appreciate their strength, flexibility and understanding.

One thing James and I have tried to do is make sure Luke and his sister have as normal of a childhood has possible. I think, overall, we have been successful. 

As we enter Luke’s 11th year, I pray for him to continue to be happy and that his dreams all come true. I know that he has made ours come true just by being born. We are super proud of him, love his spirit and independence and we are so thankful God had allowed us to be his mom and dad! 

We love you to the moon and back, Luker! ❤️

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