End of Cycle 2 (8 weeks)

Today marks the end of cycle 2 and the beginning of cycle 3. At the end of every 2 cycles, James has a CT scan in addition to his labs and doctor appointment. 

He met with Dr. R this morning and received his test results. In all honesty, we were not expecting much from this scan as in the past, his scans have been every 4 months and show little growth so we expected a 2 month scan to be static. 

We were right. There was no growth shown and the radiologist read the scan as being “stable disease”. However, with his creepy crawly disease we will take stable as a victory! 

His CPK level was 1052 two weeks ago, 700 last week and 378 today!!! He has been off the cobimetinib for 10 days because that number was so high. Today, he will restart the Cobi at 40mg per day versus the previous 60mg per day and hopefully 🤞🏼 that CPK level will stay stable or even decrease. 

So now for the BIG NEWS!!! Tumor markers are not all that reliable but they are monitored for Appendix Cancer. James has had an escalating CA19-9 since his surgery in 2015. 

For perspective, James’ numbers have been the following: 

May 2015 (before surgery): 223

November 2015 (after surgery): 52

April 2017: 316

August 2017 (before trial): 372

TODAY: 178

Yes, my prayer warriors, his tumor marker FELL in 1/2!! 

This is huge news as his numbers have never fallen except for when he has had surgery! 

We are cautiously optimistic that this will be an ongoing trend. Today we are very thankful for answered prayers and such good news! We are also very thankful for Science and medical research. 

So today’s prayer request would be to simply be thankful!

Thank you for all your prayers and support!! 

2 thoughts on “End of Cycle 2 (8 weeks)

  1. I imagine all of James supporters reactions as they read this post. I almost did a Tiger Woods gesture while saying,


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