Week 120, oh I mean 12

All is good with Mr. Richter today. His CPK levels continue to trend down, but not enough to avoid a blood draw next week to check it. His magnesium level was up, which was good. So he was cleared for his infusion.

James has had some gastrointestinal issues the past few weeks, just heartburn and some stomach upset, so they prescribed Nexium. We will see if he takes it or continues with his Apple Cider vinegar.

He did hit the doctor up on some of the questions we had and he was told that it could take up to 5 years for FDA approval of this treatment regimen. So the answer to duration was “you will receive this treatment as long as it is working.” So there you have it…

Prayer requests for going into week 13 and 14:

1) numbers continue to trend down                                         2) GI issues resolve                                                                                                       3) Our insurance company reverses their denial of some of James’ tests (which are part of the trial they approved) as unrelated.                                  4) Our minions…

2 thoughts on “Week 120, oh I mean 12

  1. Thinking of you often. Missed our chance to enjoy the deck. Maybe in the spring…. Til then, there’s always an opportunity for a morning mtg at Panera!
    xoxo debbie

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