Keep on Keepin’ on…

We are 3.5 months into this trial and things seem to be going well. James feels good on most days, just a little fatigue and upset stomach the day after his immunotherapy infusion. He has been breaking out from the chemo a bit more recently, but it’s nothing he can’t handle. 

He will have his end of the 4th cycle scan on 1/3/18. If we base it on the scans PRIOR to the trial starting, which were every 4-5 months, we would expect some minimal growth on this scan, as all previous scans have shown some growth along with an increase in his tumor markers. 

However, those tumor markers are falling so we are hopeful this scan will show no growth or even better a decrease in the size of the existing tumors. 

We have made a decision to do everything we can to not leave Minnesota, even though this treatment will continue as long as there is no progression. This decision was made for lots of reasons, but mainly financial. We can’t afford for James to quit his job and expect him to find another in Texas that would be so accommodating to his need for a day or two off every other week. His current employer is being absolutely AMAZING!! So we are going to try to make the commuting life work. 

Please pray for us and that this is the right decision. It seems to be at the moment. 

Financially, this will be tough so we still have a GoFundMe and will be planning a fundraiser in April or May, up here in MN. So please pray He continues to provide for us too. 🤗

He will have his CPK checked at home, on Tuesday, and then back to Houston on the 18th. Prayers are always appreciated!! 

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