Day 99

Look at my handsome, fierce fighter, cool as a cucumber husband. He takes this cancer thing and its treatment in stride. He is never down, never complains. Today was no different than the 99 days before. James had blood work, a doctors visit and then his infusion. It seems as though all his numbers are sufficient, although his CK level remains high. 
Given he is not having muscular pain, they remain unconcerned and treatment went on as planned. He will continue on the lower dose of chemo and will again have bloodwork next week to continue to monitor his levels. 

His next set of appointments are January 3-4 and will consist of an echocardiogram, ophthalmology appointment, labs and treatment. He will have a busy 2 days which will hopefully reveal a stable scan or some reduction in disease, a strong heart and healthy eyes. 

Today, I find myself singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall and wish this milestone – for lack of a better term – was actually the beginning of a countdown to completion of this treatment versus the beginning of what could be another 99 days. 

This holiday season, I wish for our family to have normalcy and healing. This version of normal has become quite old and exhausting. I wish for a cure, treatment that could be had closer to home and just peace for the other families who spend every day fighting Appendix Cancer or missing a loved one whom they have lost. Perhaps some day, my Christmas wish will come true. 

We wish you all a Happy and Healthy Christmas and a wonderful New Year. xo

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