Happy Christmas

We hope you all had a great Christmas and enjoyed your family and friends. 

We had a quiet Christmas and enjoyed our time together. James has felt good and the kids had a scaled back, happy day! 

James had his blood work today for his CK levels (Creatine levels). Last week his levels increased to 750 today they jacked up above 1000. 

This is off week from chemo, so theoretically his CK levels should drop this week. 

Honestly, we don’t know what this means. We do know that the chemo is causing this creatine level to increase and they have already dropped his dosage from 60mg to 40mg per day. I am not sure if protocol will allow them to drop to 20mg per day. 

So, once again, the Richters have a prayer request.  Please pray for James to continue to feel well and once again his numbers drop and stay dropped. Also, please pray for his upcoming scan and his echocardiogram (especially with these high numbers) next Tuesday.

As always, thank you for your prayers and groovy vibes! xo

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