End of Cycle 4

James had really good appointments today. 

1) his blood work is all good. Liver, Kidney, blood counts all normal. His CPK dropped from 1083 last week to 382 today. Chemo will continue at the 40mg per day. 

2) tumor markers have fallen again. This time to 155. It has been a long time since we’ve seen a number that low (2015 – after surgery) 

3) scan is stable. No new lesions, all existing lesions are unchanged, does not appear to be spreading. 

While tumor markers are not that reliable, Dr, Raghav states he can’t disregard the tumor markers dropping when there is no growth in the tumors. It simply means the tumors are less active since he has a steady trend of falling numbers. 

Continue to pray for James and for our family please. 

2 thoughts on “End of Cycle 4

  1. Praise God for answered prayers!! Even though tumor markers are not that reliable, it seems undeniable by the other results that the chemo is helping. Continued prayers and love coming your way. Hoping you can bask in the good news of the day. Love to all. Keep up the good work James!

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