Ice, delays and more ice 

James made it to his appointments today despite the warnings of the local weathermen and news anchors. He hopped in his ice covered Chevy Cruze and headed to MDA, earlier than planned, in hopes of getting his treatment and getting out of dodge. That didn’t happen.

His blood work was ok. His CK levels were in the mid 500’s. He feels they would have been in the 700s had he taken his chemo the past two nights. Otherwise, I am assuming his blood work was all A-OK. He headed to his infusion and ended up waiting a good 4 hours. That is what happens when an ice storm hits Houston and the clinic is inundated with patients wanting their treatment despite the craptastic weather and a low volume of staff who decided to stay home, safe and sound. 

James had his infusion and will not take his chemo for the next two weeks. It is likely they will reduce it to 20mg per day as his body just does not want to adjust to this foreign agent known as Cobimetinib. 

We shall see what happens in 2 weeks.

At this moment, James is driving the 9.6 miles back to our friends house hoping to avoid any bridges and Texas drivers who aren’t quite as experienced in winter driving, like those of us from the frozen tundra. 

Pray for his safety and that he is able to hop on his re-scheduled 2:20 flight tomorrow afternoon! Thank you for your continued prayers and support! ♥️

PS – here is the picture I got today! Isn’t it fabulous? 😂

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