5.5 months

James’ appointment was uneventful today. He is tolerating the chemo much better at the lower dose. Therefore, he will stay at the 20mg per day, at least until his next appointment.

His next set of appointments will be February 28 and March 1st. At this time, he will have his normal blood work and his 6 month CT scan.

🎗🎗One last thing, our friends are planning a benefit for May 19th. If you’d like to help or donate, please email Karen Stelk at kstelk02@gmail.com

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Month #5

Today begins the 5th month James has been in the clinical trial.

Today his cold or whatever the heck it was seems better. He sounded more like my James today, which made me happy.

His CK number was completely normal; however, he hasn’t had chemo for 2 weeks. They restarted the cobimetinib again today but dropped his dose to 20mg/day. This is likely the lowest he can go with the chemo.

He is getting his infusion of immunotherapy as we speak and hopefully will make his 5pm flight home! 🤞🏼

Thank you for your prayers.