Month 7

I haven’t been very vocal on here lately as there hasn’t been much news to share. James is currently attending his 7 month appointment and his heart and eyes checked out just fine.

In regard to his labs, he remains somewhat stable. His numbers are creeping up slowly. His CPK was up about 20 points and his tumor marker was again up about 24 points.

The bad news… his numbers have stopped dropping and are moving in the wrong direction.

The good news… his numbers are creeping upward and not sprinting, like they were before the trial started. Before the trial, his tumor markers would jump about 100 points each visit.

He will start his next cycle and have a follow up on 4/10, which will just be labs and treatment.

Then the end of the cycle appointment will be 4/25-4/26, at which time he will have labs and a scan.

My heart is heavy but neither of us, especially James, will stop fighting. What’s important is that James feels good and his otherwise healthy. For that, I continue to be extremely thankful.

Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers. Thank you to Ryan and Steph for the flight this trip and thank you to Mercy Medical Angels for the flight in 2 weeks.

💜Here’s a picture of James, in college, circa 1994 or 1995 (courtesy of KV or as my kids call him Uncle Kevin) 💜

6 months

Today was James’ 6 month scan. It wasn’t ideal. There was some growth on the tumor near his bladder and his tumor markers increased slightly. There was no change to the other known tumors and nothing new.

Gotta take the good with the bad or not ideal. Of course we are disappointed but as James likes to say, it is what it is.

He will remain in the trial for at least 8 more weeks. This will allow us to determine if the growth is a result of his tumors not responding or perhaps because he was off chemo for nearly a month last month due to high CK levels.

Time will tell. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.