8 months (not sure of the cycle)

On Facebook this week I said today would be a crossroad for us. I have learned over the past 7.5 years that I am very rarely ever right. Today proved to be no exception.

James called me from Houston so I could be part of his appointment. Thank goodness for technology.

He continues to have no symptoms with the chemo medication, BUT his CK level continues to rise. Still significantly lower than when he was on 40mg or 60mg but higher than the norm.

The scan was okay. Just makes decisions a tad more difficult. When he started the trial in August, his lesions were 7.8 cm combined. His last scan, 8 weeks ago, they were 8.7 cm. Today they measured 8.7-8.8 cm. So overall, all his tumors have only grown 1 cm over the course of the last 8 months. Today there was little to no growth. So…. YAY! Because, if nothing else, this trial/protocol has potentially slowed the growth, as prior trial scans showed his lesions were growing a good .5-1 cm per month.

Dr. Raghav said he can not definitely say whether the protocol is causing the slow down or if it is simply the nature of the disease. So, since there is no growth of existing tumors and no new lesions that are seen, Dr. Raghav recommend that James continue with the protocol.

James and I agreed that is what he will do. So 8 more weeks it is.

James called me afterward and told me that if there is no change and/or growth in 8 weeks, he will be discharged from the trial.

So, your continued prayers and support is appreciated. Just a reminder, a benefit will be held for him on 5/19, 2-6pm at the Elk River AMERICAN Legion. Feel free to share, donate items for auction, come and eat tacos or have a beer with me (James doesn’t drink!).

2 thoughts on “8 months (not sure of the cycle)

  1. Most definitely thrilled to hear no real growth. While great news overall I am sure that leaving the trial in 8 weeks will be scary and hope that there would be opportunity to be readmitted to it should the need arise (let’s hope not)!


  2. So glad to hear there is no significant growth and he will be able to continue for 8 weeks!! I am in awe of both of you for your bravery and upbeat attitude. You have been, and remain, in my prayers. Keep on keepin on sister!


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