Watch and wait…

Watch and wait….

This is where we are now and we are ok with that. James is officially out of the trial as his scan indicated minimal growth but his tumor markers jumped 300 points. He is still within the percentage to remain in the trial but the doctor indicated the treatment has likely stopped working. Given it is growing “slowly” and James is tired of feeling blah, we agreed to stop.

He is not likely a surgical candidate, at this time, given the location of his tumors and the fact he has no symptoms but Dr. Raghav is referring his case back to Dr. Fournier for further recommendations, which could include Chemotherapy – which is not terribly effective against this slimy beast. I would not anticipate surgery until he starts to have symptoms.

So now we are back to watch and wait. Wait for what, I am not sure. Surgery, some miracle, some medical break through…..

This is not the end of James’ story – just another chapter! 🙂