Surgery – Take 3

As most of you know, James is headed in for cytoreduction number 3. This will take place on 11/26 at Mayo Clinic.

James’ scan continue to show slight growth in his existing tumors BUT a tumor near his colon and rectum is compressing that area and could lead to potential issues if not taken care of.

Scar tissue is a concern given this is his fourth abdominal surgery, overall. As long as they can get through the scar tissue safely, they will try to remove everything they can see and if possible proceed with the heated chemo.

Without this surgery, his life expectancy would significant be reduced.

He will miss 6-8 weeks from work and will likely have some life style changes.

We remain hopeful that this surgery will extend his life even longer. It is a big surgery and a big deal. Your prayers for James and our kids is greatly appreciated.